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Manufacturing windows in DOTO Polska Sp. z o.o.  is based on the most modern hardware solution in production technology of PCV windows.   They captivate its timeless line and slim structure of the profile.   Different styles (classical, semiobverse, rounded) and a wide range of colours  and veneers give unique and unrestrained opportunity of designing interiors and facades.   Possibility of colour and detail operating is additional value that lets underline one’s own style and uniqueness.   In our products we use high quality fittings providing high aesthetics and functionality as well as its easy maintenance and adjustability.   Those fittings let us use a wide variety of elements such as microventilation, 4 - grade tilt and turn window hardware, windows limiter and many others that rise functionality and comfort of windows usage.   WIDE  CHOICE  OF  INSULATING  GLAZING  ALLOWS  TO  OBTAIN  DIFFERENT  VARIANTS  OF GLAZING WINDOWS: ·         thermal insulation - Ug values to 0,4W (mK ), ·         acoustic  insulation Rw values from 30 dB to 47dB, ·         solar control glazing with level of light transmission from standard 81% to 6%, ·         safety (heat - treated, laminated, break-in resistant, firearm resistant glass).



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